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Dudek Group is a complex of family-owned production facilities with extensive traditions and experience. Please familiarise yourself with our history and product range.


Today, this modern and functional manufacture of windows, doors and wooden beams (I-Beams) for the construction of timber-frame houses is managed by Henryk Dudek and his family, and thanks to the skills of its employees and the technology used, it is winning recognition from Polish and foreign customers. The numerous awards and diplomas received by this company are the best evidence thereof.


The name (Dudek = Eurasian hoopoe) in many countries of the world comes from the sound it makes, it likes to move in open spaces without exaggerating its speed, it spreads its wings with the full range of feathers when landing. It spends most of its life on the ground nimbly hopping about among low vegetation, so it is a bird found in open landscape that likes to make woodland its home.

Company establishment

Establishment of the company ( 1984 )

The Dudek company was founded in 1984 by two brothers: Hubert and Henry Dudek From the beginning, the company was involved in woodworking and sold its products both locally and abroad.


The demand for the Dudek products was so great that the owners decided to expand the plant. New jobs were created, providing the space needed for larger-scale joinery production.

Start of production of Scandinavian windows ( 2000 )

The commencement of Scandinavian window production and sales on the Norwegian market helped the Dudek Company spread its wings in the export category.

Introduction of fire doors. ( 2003 )

The introduction of this product to the domestic market with the possibility of manufacturing the product with a selection of different types of wood, staining in various colours and modelling complete with interior doors in the ISO 9001:2000 quality system resulted in an increase in demand in the public sector for Dudek H&H doors.

Change in the company’s activity ( 2008 )

Departure of partner Hubert Dudek from the Dudek H&H company and buyout of shares.

Plant expansion ( 2012 )

Demand for the Dudek Company’s products in Norway increased, which resulted in an expansion of our product range with the expansion of the plant.

introduction of “i-beams” ( 2013 )

In 2013, the Company’s activities were expanded to include a new innovative product – wooden “I-Beams”, which represent a breakthrough in the construction market and increase the level of exports.

acoustic insulation doors

By combining fire doors with doors with high sound insulation, the Dudek Company realised a major project, which resulted in the doors installed in the Forum of Music in Wrocław.

plant expansion ( 2015 )

Dudek is investing in a hall for assembling frame wall modules with a view to launching a new product Frame houses and expanding its product range with new frame building components, while increasing demand for I-Beams and sourcing more raw material for beams is prompting the construction of a storage hall for C24 and C30 spruce wood.

change in the company's activities ( 2016 )

Henryk Dudek’s son and daughter enter the company as new partners of Dudek H&H.

frame houses ( 2019 )

Dudek Group, based on the production of wooden beams, windows and doors realized at home and abroad, has introduced a new product – frame houses.
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Dudek Group
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