What is the reason for the success of the doors manufactured by DUDEK H&H?

The answer is simple:
firstly – Quality
secondly – Perfect execution
thirdly – Taking into account individual customer preferences

EXTERNAL DOORS - available models

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Robustness of workmanship

Compared to other products of this type, our doors offer robust workmanship, and the variety of types and colours will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. They are manufactured from glued timber – both softwood and hardwood. Many existing users praise them for their durability and very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

But that’s not all: the door surfaces are coated with multi-layer acrylic varnish from such renowned brands as ZOBEL, GORI, SIKKENS and SIGMA. The doors are secured with effective ROTO, WILKA three-bar locks with double lock cylinder and safety glass. Stained, ornamental or burnt glass selected according to the client’s wishes adds a decorative feature. In addition, the exterior doors are decorated with granites of different colours.

We offer doors in 2 design solutions


Stand out with better stability
and insulation through a 100 mm thick panel.



They are manufactured from glulam – both softwood and hardwood with a thickness of 75 mm.


External doors

There is no denying that external doors are the showpiece of any home. They are the element that primarily draws the attention of passers-by and visitors alike. It is therefore worth opting for profiles made of high-quality raw materials.. Dudek-Group is a manufacturer of modern made-to-measure entrance doors.

If you are looking for robust external doors in a specific colour scheme for your home, check out our range. We manufacture a variety of aesthetically pleasing, elegant and, most importantly, secure entrance doors to suit virtually any building In our range you will find typical door profiles that can be installed at home and in the office.

Advantages of Dudek-Group external doors

We use high-quality glulam (glued timber), both hardwood and softwood. What is more, these profiles are finished with stainless steel elements and are also painted in colours available in the RAL palette. The doors are distinguished above all by excellent thermal insulation.. They do not allow heat to escape to the outside. What’s more, they are fireproof and resistant to mechanical damage and varying weather conditions. The colour does not dull or fade over the years.

When you order an entrance door from us, you also receive a set of 3 keys and the manufacturer’s guarantee. What’s more, we adapt to the needs of our customers, so we are happy to manufacture bespoke doors. Please feel free to get in touch!

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