What is the success of the doors manufactured at DUDEK H&H?

The answer is simple:
firstly – Quality
secondly – Perfect execution
thirdly – Taking into account individual customer preferences

Internal doors - available models

You can find all models in our catalog

Robustness of workmanship

As part of our range, we manufacture internal doors made to suit the individual needs of our customers. Made of glued pine wood clad to your liking, tailored to size accurately reflect the needs of the customer.
What’s more, we offer a wide range of RAL colours, so you can choose a colour that matches or contrasts with the walls in your building.

That’s not all the perks: the door surfaces are coated with a multi-layer varnish. According to customers’ preferences, we use magnetic or cylinder locks, visible or invisible hinges. Decorative features include coffers, portals, ornamental glass and stained glass, while security is tempered or tempered-laminated glass.

We offer doors in 2 design solutions


This is a modern design, in which the closed sash and frame form a single unit.


This is a classic design, in which the closed sash is extended in front of the frame.

Interior doors

Buying interior doors is often a challenge. Mainly due to the fact that they must blend well with the style in which the house, apartment or office is decorated. Our company Dudek-Group is engaged in the production of modern rebated and non-rebated single-leaf and swing doors in any size and color. We invite those interested in ordering to contact us.

Interior doors made to measure

As part of our offer, we are engaged in the production of room doors made according to the individual needs of our customers. Moreover, we have a wide range of RAL colors, so you can choose A color that matches or contrasts with the walls in your building. Our interior doors, single or double leaf, are characterized by high quality workmanship, as we pay special attention to detail and aesthetics. We take care of the precise finishes and accessories, including. stainless steel.

In our assortment you will find both sliding interior doors, ideal for installation, such as in offices, and single and double doors, which are most often installed in residential homes. The door leaves have been made of high quality glued coniferous wood and hardwood sourced from the best Polish sources.

What’s more, we produce both rebated doors, that is, with visible hinges, and non-rebated doors, with invisible hinges that retract just after closing. While the first type is still firmly in demand, the non-rebate profiles are growing in popularity. By choosing the right type of room door, you can easily adapt the type of finish to the style of your interiors. It is worth noting that thanks to diversity and wide assortment, our customers can purchase any models that will fit both traditional and modern interiors.

You are cordially invited to contact us. Our consultants will be happy to help you make the right choice!

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