DUDEK H&H Scandinavian windows are manufactured from glued laminated timber, protected from external conditions by impregnation and paint coatings. Scandinavian windows are manufactured using fittings from companies such as AS Spilka, IPA and Assa Abloy. All materials used in the production of Scandinavian windows comply with the relevant European standards and are properly inspected. The production of DUDEK H&H Scandinavian windows is periodically audited and the products are certified accordingly, including NDVK certification.

Scandinavian Windows

Outward opening pivot windows

Outward opening windows

The beauty of Scandinavian design lies in its simplicity. One of the key elements of Scandinavian windows is the use of outward opening windows. This type of window maximises natural light and ventilation while providing easy access to the outdoors. In addition, windows that open outwards can be completely open, making them ideal for use in small rooms. As a result, they have become a popular choice for both homes and businesses in Scandinavia. With their clean lines and functional design, outward-opening Scandinavian windows are the perfect way to add a touch of style to any space.

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Sliding Windows

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Robustness of workmanship

Scandinavian windows are a great alternative to Euro windows. The completely different design allows for better performance in terms of airtightness, durability, burglary protection and interesting usability features.

More space
Imagine a window which can be opened without opening the curtain (internal roller blind) or removing larger objects from the window sill. Scandinavian windows open outwards, which allows the internal space around the window to be used as desired.

Window cleaning becomes a pleasure
The well-thought-out design and function of Scandinavian window hardware made it possible to create a product that is no longer difficult to operate on a daily basis. he cantilever mechanism of the Scandinavian windows allows the window sash to be rotated, so the outer surface of the window can be cleaned from the inside.

Scandinavian windows are fitted with mechanisms to prevent the possibility of sudden uncontrolled opening. The window tilts approximately 10 cm, then is blocked, further opening of the window requires the use of both hands to release the opening protection mechanism. The same mechanism also locks the window in a 180-degree rotated position, so that the user has both hands free to clean the window.

Scandinavian windows are characterised by excellent airtightness confirmed by tests according to EN 12207 and EN 12208, where they achieved the highest class 4 air permeability and E1350/E1500 water tightness. he window is designed in such a way that the wind pushing against the window sash presses it against the frame, making the window tighter In inward opening windows, the force of the wind can lead to the window unsealing, whereas this is not possible with Scandinavian windows.

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