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We offer a wide range of solidly manufactured Euro and Scandinavian windows. High quality is the standard, which makes us a leader.

Advantages of dudek windows

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At Dudek-Group, we make sure that our windows are made with the utmost care and in accordance with the relevant standards. The safety and comfort of our customers is our top priority. If you are still hesitating whether to use our services, knowing the advantages of Dudek windows will help you make your decision.

Dudek windows - low heat transfer coefficient

One of the greatest advantages of our windows is the right level of heat permeability. This feature has a significant impact on the daily life of residents. Dudek windows allow maximum warm air to be retained in the home. At the same time, they ensure proper airflow, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of moisture accumulating on the windows.
In order to maximise customer comfort, we offer windows with a thermal transmittance of no more than 0.9 W/m²K. This means that the amount of energy escaping through the window pane is really low, making the home extremely energy efficient.

Watertight Dudek windows

Dudek windows undergo a number of tests. Among other things, we test them for waterproofness and wind load resistance. We can guarantee that the products purchased from us will protect your home even against prolonged, torrential rain. Strong, gusty winds also pose no threat. When buying Dudek windows, you can be sure that you will receive a product that is fully resistant to adverse weather conditions.

Sound insulation with our windows

At Dudek-Group, we know how important it is to be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. When creating our products with our customers in mind, we ensure that the sound insulation level of the windows is as high as possible. This way, even if you live on a busy street or in the city centre, you will be able to enjoy peace and intimacy in the privacy of your own home. Well-insulated Dudek windows will allow you to isolate yourself from the noise outside. Relaxing in the comfort of your home will no longer be disturbed by unwanted ambient sounds.

Durable Euro and Scandinavian windows

Only the best materials are used in the production of Dudek windows. Therefore, all components, from fittings to glazing to hinges and other small components, will last for many years. The high load capacity of the security devices, confirmed by tests, is a guarantee that even heavily used windows will remain fully operational. The special tests to which the fittings are subjected demonstrate their high durability. This ensures that the functions they should perform, such as maintaining airtightness or opening, closing and tilting the window, will not cause users the slightest problem.
Dudek windows meet all safety standards At the same time, they will satisfy your aesthetic needs and, while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency, will also help to look after your household budget. Such a wide range of advantages characterising our windows will satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Explore our range, get help from the best experts and choose the perfect windows for your home.

Best choice of windows – Dudek-Group

Choosing windows is not the easiest of tasks. We can purchase windows made of various materials, in many shapes and sizes, tilting, sliding or folding. However, it is important that the model purchased is airtight, provides sound insulation, stands out for its durability and is weatherproof.

Please familiarise yourself with our product and service range. For years we have specialised in the production of wooden windows – offering Euro and Scandinavian windows . We work in a family-run workshop, paying attention to detail and using high-quality materials.

We produce bespoke windows so that the design can be tailored to the investor’s requirements We are talking here about the size of the windows as well as the colour scheme or elements such as muntin bars and decorative mouldings. We manufacture windows of all sizes, including balcony windows and customised designs.

Euro windows

Euro windows have been installed in European homes for years. The models available in our range are made of wood, which is a natural and very durable material.. The windows will not only provide thermal and acoustic insulation, but will also serve as a decoration for the room.

Scandinavian windows

Scandinavian windows form another part of our range. These types of windows open outwards, such a solution has many advantages and saves space.. Scandinavian models will be the ideal choice for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and any other room.

Please familiarise yourself with our detailed product and service range. We look forward to working together!

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