Euro windows

Euro windows, as a tried-and-tested solution, have been used for many years both in Poland and Western Europe. The high quality of the materials combined with many years of tradition in the production of joinery allows us to offer windows of the highest quality.

Euro Wooden Windows

The choice of windows for a house, apartment or office is of great importance, both on an aesthetic and functional level. One of the options Dudek Group gives customers is euro wood windows. Available in a variety of variants, they will meet the needs of users and perform their role perfectly for many years.

Proposed by the Dudek Group company euro wooden windows, are made of solid wood and glued laminated wood. Customers can choose from products created from exotic meranti wood and from Polish species, both deciduous, such as solid oak, or coniferous, such as pine or spruce. All windows undergo a process of impregnation, making them resistant to weather conditions.
In euro wooden windows we use ROTO hardware, which has been very popular with customers for many years. They are appreciated for their high quality workmanship and trouble-free operation. At the same time, ROTO hardware is a guarantee of safety and high energy efficiency.

Dudek Group has a range of double and triple-glazed windows. The triple-glazed variant can be 78 or 88mm thick. Double-glazed windows are a 68mm product. To further satisfy the needs of our customers, we use sound-absorbing, self-cleaning and solar control glass. They also guarantee a high level of security, thanks to tempering and lamination.
To increase the energy efficiency of the house, it is worth paying attention to the heat transfer coefficient and solar energy transmittance of the glazing. The lowest Ug coefficient is appropriate for double-glazed windows. It is 1.1 W/m²K, so this variant will work well in areas where lower temperatures are maintained, such as in utility rooms. For triple-glazed windows, in proportion to their thickness, the Ug coefficient is 0.5 and 0.7 W/m²K. These types of wooden euro windows help minimize heat loss and at the same time make good use of energy from the outside.

Wooden windows available in our offer, are covered with a paint coating, which makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions, such as low temperatures, humidity or sunlight. When choosing the color of the window, customers can choose colors from the Swedish NCS palette and the German RAL. When opting for a transparent coating, choose from Sigma and Teknos palettes.
The Dudek Group company meets customers’ expectations by allowing them to buy a window with a different tint on the outside and inside. This allows the user to better match the appearance of the window, both with the interior design and the facade.

Wooden windows have a unique character. These are classic models, so they look great in interiors decorated in different styles. W zależności od tego, na jaki kolor powłoki zdecyduje się klient, będą one pasowały zarówno do pomieszczeń o wystroju tradycyjnym, jak i nowoczesnym. The common element of all variants is high quality and functionality for years.

Euro Wood and aluminum windows

Wood-aluminum windows are the ideal solution for people who care not only about the durability and decent finish of the profiles, but also about their aesthetic appearance. The combination of a classic, natural material, such as wood, and the solidity of aluminum has resulted in the production of windows with increased strength parameters, which fit well in both traditionally and modernly decorated interiors.

Wood-aluminum windows are profiles that can be easily installed in both newly built structures or houses, as well as renovated buildings. Therefore, they will certainly be appreciated by those who care about purchasing high-quality window profiles, as well as ensuring the safety of their household members or employees.

The wood-aluminum window consists of two frames. A wooden frame is installed inside the building, which gives the room an elegant and chic look, and an aluminum frame on the outside. This design of the window allows for the installation of thicker and energy-efficient glazing inserts, making these profiles perfect for the eagerly put modern energy-efficient home of today.

For the production of windows, we use high-quality and durable wood, such as oak or pine, which is relatively easy to undergo certain treatments. In addition, we install in them innovative hardware that has been made in high security classes, primarily in RC1 and RC2. These values guarantee increased functional and anti-burglary security of the profiles.

Wood-aluminum profiles combine the features of two types of windows. Wood is a natural and durable raw material, it is what gives the profiles their unparalleled look. Aluminum, on the other hand, directly affects the security of the building. This material is resistant to scratches, deformation or minor damage. This way you can be sure that the windows will last for several decades in great condition.

Moreover, the use of thicker glazing inserts allows to improve acoustic and thermal insulation parameters. These profiles insulate the noise coming from the street, as well as the heat inside the building.

It is also worth mentioning that aluminum-wood windows have been equipped with additional anti-burglary protection, so they are much harder to break through. It is also very easy to keep them clean, just wipe them regularly with a cloth with detergents suitable for wood and aluminum.

Our company has been engaged in the production of windows, including wood-aluminum profiles, for many years. We have modern production halls and equipment, so we are able to carry out non-standard and wholesale orders, in various sizes and colors. We employ an expert team of consultants who will be happy to provide any information regarding your order and the product itself, namely wood-aluminum windows.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our offer.

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Robustness of workmanship

Wooden windows are a product characterised above all by a high degree of naturalness, which blends in perfectly with buildings of classical and antique style. Individually manufactured in a variety of shapes and colours, made of glued laminated timber or solid wood, protected from the weather by impregnation and coats of paint.

An additional advantage of the windows are the decorative elements, i.e. Viennese muntin bars, muntin bars between the panes of glass and decorative slamming strips, which make each window unique. They provide excellent interior lighting, airtightness, thermal insulation and acoustic insulation to fully satisfy the needs of even very demanding customers.

Wooden windows with aluminium overlay

Timber windows with aluminium cladding combine the advantages of timber and the durability of aluminium. These windows are characterised by an outstanding appearance and modern design, which allows for significantly extended durability. Various designs of aluminium cladding profiles make it possible to match the window to the external appearance of the façade. With their appearance, timber-aluminium windows are particularly suited to buildings with a modern design.

Sliding windows

Folding windows

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