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The choice of windows is very important – they provide thermal and acoustic insulation, and are also an important design element. So it is worth thinking carefully about your choice. More and more people are opting for Scandinavian windows. What are such models? What advantages do they have? How do they differ from other window structures? Here is the most relevant information! We encourage you to read!

What are Scandinavian windows?

Scandinavian windows, also known as Swedish or Norwegian windows, are windows that open outward. It is this feature that distinguishes them from Euro windows, i.e. those that open inwards into the house. Scandinavian sash can be opened in different ways. We distinguish the following systems:

  • SIDE HUNG – is a standard casement window, where the hinges are located on the side of the frame.
  • TOP HUNG – is a casement system, with the difference that the place of the hinges is not the side of the window profile, the hinges are at the top.
  • Top-swing Fully reversible – is a rotating system with the axis horizontally.

The construction of Scandinavian models features a glazing package, usually consisting of 2 or 3 panes, profiles and high-quality hardware.

What advantages do Scandinavian windows have?

This type of window has many advantages. We can mention here:

  • Space-saving – the wings do not take up valuable space, unlike inward-opening (Euro-type) models. This allows us to arrange the windowsill in any way we want.
  • Tightness – the windows in question are distinguished by excellent tightness, they provide very good protection against wind and frost.
  • Swivel mechanism – the windows are equipped with a special swivel mechanism, and this allows the window to rotate 180 degrees, that is, around its axis. A pivot window is easier to keep clean.
  • Durability and durability – writing about Scandinavian windows, it is impossible not to mention durability, such a purchase is an investment for years.
  • Aesthetics – in the case of Scandinavian models, the profiles are made of wood or aluminum, and stand out for their unique aesthetics. We can choose from a variety of profile shades, opt for any opaque color from the ral palette.

The numerous advantages of windows, the sash of which, when opened, is on the outside of the building, make the described models increasingly popular. Windows of various sizes are available, including patio or balcony doors.


Scandinavian style window, that is, opening outwards, has many advantages, it saves space, which is a big plus and a way to arrange the windowsill in any way you want. In the construction of the window we distinguish high quality hardware, profile, glazing package. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from wooden windows or aluminum models.

Balcony doors and patio doors are also available. Depending on your preferences, we can opt for the system

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