Wood-aluminum or PVC windows?

Windows provide protection from the weather, protect from noise, provide thermal comfort. They also form part of the decor. The choice of windows should therefore necessarily be well thought out. Among the possible solutions are wood-aluminum and PVC windows. What are the characteristics of the mentioned models?

Wood and aluminum windows

The frame of the wood-aluminum window is made of wood, and its exterior is covered with an aluminum profile. This design combines the best features of both materials. The aluminum profile strengthens the frame, allowing the window to have a larger surface area. The wooden frame provides thermal insulation, is lightweight, stable and does not deform. Windows of this type show high resistance to temperature differences.

A not inconsiderable advantage of this solution is the sleek and elegant appearance of the wood-aluminum window. Wood gives the windows a noble and universal character that corresponds to any style of decor. The aluminum frame on the outside emphasizes the modern look and protects the wood from moisture.

Wood-aluminum windows, or rather their wooden components, require maintenance and need to be coated with a layer of protective varnish every few years. The price of wood-aluminum windows is higher than other solutions, but the quality of their workmanship, convenience of use and visual effect are worth the price.

PVC windows

PVC windows are a popular solution used in construction, mainly due to their low price and lack of maintenance. The window frames are made of plastic, which allows a wide range of colors, but the most popular color is white.

PVC windows provide good insulation, protect against noise, and look aesthetically pleasing. The big advantage of plastic windows is that they do not need to be maintained, and keeping them clean, does not cause the slightest problems. In addition, they are resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions. Although the fashion for wooden windows is returning, PVC windows are still very popular.

As you can see, each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. So it is worthwhile for us to carefully analyze the issues we care about most and make a decision based on that. When in doubt, we can consult a specialist.

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