I-beams are widely used in the construction of energy-efficient buildings and passive houses. Used in both traditional and timber-frame construction, they can be used as wall columns, floor beams or rafters. What exactly are Dudek girders? For the implementation of which projects it is worth choosing to order them? Below we will take a look at their design, parameters and the opportunities they bring.

What are I-beams?

I-beams were created by combining two high-strength wood shelves. A web, made of OSB, was used to join them together. The creation of a wooden I-beam, ideal for passive houses and energy-efficient buildings, is the result of years of experience in woodworking.

Wooden girders as wall columns

Thanks to the use of an I-section, Dudek I-beams work well as wall columns. Such a design results in virtually complete elimination of the problem of thermal bridges. The use of engineered wood for construction, which has high insulation parameters, makes I-beams particularly recommended for energy-efficient houses. This is because they contribute significantly to maintaining maximum heat inside the building, thus minimizing heating bills.
Making walls with I-beams allows you to create any type of facade. In addition to the frequently used siding or wood logs, the house can also be finished with traditional plaster or clinker bricks.

Using Dudek I-beams for floor construction

With the use of I-beams, ceilings in residential buildings can be successfully constructed. The high quality of the materials avoids sagging of the beams, the consequence of which is usually cracking of the ceiling at the joint of the gypsum boards. By eliminating dimensional deviations, we also avoid the creaking of the floor, which is a nuisance in everyday life.
By choosing the layers of the ceiling accordingly, we are left with the possibility of finishing the floor with any materials. Floor panels, ceramic tiles and any other solution according to customer requirements will be used.

I-beams as part of the roof structure

Both in multifamily buildings and in single-family houses, Dudek I-beams can be used to build roofs. Their light weight, combined with strength comparable to solid wood, allow them to be used in various types of roofs, such as envelope roofs, flat roofs, mono-pitched roofs and gabled roofs. They gain a significant advantage over traditional rectangular rafters due to their high level of insulation. At the same time, they allow the use of any finishing materials, from roofing felt to ceramic or concrete tiles to sheet metal.
When you decide to order I-beams, you are assured that your home will be safe, warm and built on a solid foundation.

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