Advantages of wooden windows

What distinguishes wooden windows?

Wooden windows are made of durable, sturdy, natural material that, if properly treated, will last for many years. What stands out above all these models is the unusual design and high craftsmanship.

These windows look great in retro or vintage styled homes, they are also very popular among fans of classic solutions. The original look and finish also make people planning to build a modern building decide to install wooden profiles.

Why choose wooden windows?

Great attention is now being paid to ecological solutions and naturalness. Many people building their dream home want to invest in environmentally friendly materials. Installation of wooden windows in this case will definitely be a great idea.

Wood is a versatile and timeless material that has been used for construction for decades. There is no denying that this raw material has already survived many temporary fascinations and construction trends. Every few years there is a return to wood as the main finishing material for structures and profiles.

What are the advantages of wooden windows?

– Durability, rigidity – wooden frames are characterized by high rigidity and robustness. As a result, the profiles can be produced in slightly larger dimensions than classic PVC windows.

– High protection against cold and noise.

– Aesthetically pleasing appearance – well-chosen they are an ornament to any building.

– Durability – many manufacturers of these windows claim that with proper care, they can last up to several decades.

The advantages of wooden profiles certainly still include:

– Plasticity – wood is easy to work with, it can be quickly and permanently painted, carved in it, impregnated with it.

– Functionality – wooden windows can be equipped with additional features, such as installing energy-saving glass, anti-burglary system, etc.

– Decorative – wooden profiles can be stylized in any way you like, such as typical antique windows.

Where can wooden windows be installed?

Wooden windows are now being installed in a variety of both single-family and typical office buildings. They look great in modern homes as well as in traditional buildings. They can also be used in stylized interiors, such as antique or vintage.

What kind of wood is worth choosing wooden windows from?

The wood that will be used for the windows should have the appropriate certifications, including FSC. There is no denying that pine, Meranti and oak wood are very popular among Polish wooden window manufacturers.


Wooden windows are now very popular again! They are installed in both modern and traditional homes. The main advantages of these profiles are decorativeness, plasticity, durability, protection from cold and noise. This raw material is easily processed, so it is gaining many supporters.

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