Frame houses – what are they?

Frame houses are structures whose main building material is wood. Buildings of this type have many advantages, one of them is, first of all, the speed of their commissioning, already after 3 months or so you can live in such a house. What’s more, it is a lightweight structure, so a small foundation is sufficient to erect it.

Proper operation and care of a frame house allows it to last a long time. All you have to do is remember to make a tight thermal insulation of the building, and take care of regular renovations. A very important aspect regarding the construction of frame houses is the selection of wood. The raw material is the main finish of the structure, so it must be chosen carefully.

It is worth deciding on the purchase of high-quality wood, such as K27 grade pine. Moreover, such wood must not crack, and must not have too many knots. It must therefore be carefully selected. The raw material used for erecting frame houses should be well dried, at a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius, then all mold spores, insect larvae or fungi will be eliminated.

How much do frame houses cost?

The final cost of building a frame house depends on many factors. First of all, first of all, it is necessary to make a project, the price of which ranges roughly from 2 thousand. Up to 4,000. PLN. The cost of such a house can be in the range of up to 250 thousand. PLN. in shell and roughly up to 350,000. PLN. in developer condition. It should still be remembered that the house needs to be finished inside. In this case, again, it is worth adding more or less 100 thousand. PLN.

The price depends on several factors, primarily:

  • Number of floors, area – very often the larger and higher the house, the price increases significantly,
  • Roof type,
  • Installations (electrical, gas),
  • Numbers of walls, windows, doors,
  • Prices of materials (it is worth not saving, including wood),
  • The cost of construction and installation crews.

If necessary, you can enlist the help of an architect or interior designer and ask for a preliminary estimate.

Frame houses – how do you live?

Many owners of frame houses value these structures for their higher living comfort. In insulated homes, among others. foam and well-insulated breathe much lighter and freer than traditional masonry structures. What’s more, contrary to common theories, a frame house is not noisy; sound, such as from a TV, does not penetrate the walls and floors.

It is also worth noting that frame houses are made extremely solid, the whole structure is strong. A really strong wind is not able to topple such a building, making these houses completely safe.


Frame houses are gaining popularity. One of the main advantages of this construction is that it is erected extremely quickly. The skeleton is ready after a week or so, while after about 3 months you can move into the building. Everything depends, of course, on the timing of the availability of installation and finishing teams. The cost of the building is roughly 400, 500 thousand. PLN with full equipment. People living in such a house appreciate, among other things. high quality construction.

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