How are cracks formed on the window?

Scratches on the window can be caused by many factors, such as routine cleaning. Contributing to this is the use of inappropriate agents that are not designed for such work, or cloths with too rough a surface.

A small, sharp piece of dirt, such as a pebble that gets stuck in the cloth, can also scratch the glass. Always use a clean cloth, preferably a soft one made of microfiber. Scratches on the window glass can also occur, for example, due to:

  • act of vandalism,
  • pet games,
  • branches hitting the window in the wind,
  • hailstones.

How to clean windows so that scratches do not form?

It is worth remembering that first the layer of dirt should be removed from the windows so that the dirt particles are not smeared during polishing, because then the surface may be scratched.

The windows should be wiped very thoroughly and gently. It is best to make circular movements. It’s a good idea to use only dedicated detergents for cleaning surfaces. It is also imperative to avoid, among other things, liquids with cleaning particles, bleaching products, etc.

How to remove scratches on the window?

After a few years of using the windows, smaller scratches may appear on the glass, in some situations it is difficult to avoid this phenomenon. You can get rid of scratches on windows using home methods. Above all, classic toothpaste works well.

Apply a dab of the product to a microfiber cloth and gently, in circular motions, spread it over the surface of the glass. If the scratches are a bit larger, you can use a glass polish for these steps. These preparations usually include appropriate cloths, which are used to remove scratches.

Why should I be wary of furniture polishing wax products?

Quite a few people also reach for furniture polishing wax. However, it is worth abandoning this idea. Many of these specifics have acid in their composition, which can adversely affect the surface of the glass, such as leading to its tarnishing and the formation of ugly streaks.

Who removes scratches on the window?

Scratches on the glass, which were caused by, for example, an act of vandalism or branch strikes, are very difficult to remove. In this case, using toothpaste and polishing the surface will certainly not work. You should have the repair done by a professional company.

A professional glazier will grind the surface and polish the glass with special equipment. In some situations, however, the entire windshield will certainly need to be replaced. Depending on the final cost of repair.


Scratches on the window can be caused by intensive or improper cleaning of the glass. The surface should be cleaned gently, using mild preparations. If, on the other hand, the scratches are not deep, ordinary toothpaste without particles can be used to remove them. The key is to properly polish the surface.

In some cases, when the indentations are large, it is worth seeking the help of professionals who, among other things, will grind and polish the surface with the appropriate equipment or replace the glass with new glass.

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