Good quality window joinery may be a not inconsiderable expense, while extremely cost-effective! It is worth opting for high-quality windows that will serve you for many years. Certainly such profiles are Euro windows, extremely popular systems in Poland with a long tradition. What are the characteristics of Euro windows? Why should you opt for them? We invite you to read the article.

Euro windows – what are their characteristics?

Euro windows are a proven design that has been used for many years in Poland and Western Europe. These are typical wooden profiles, which are very easy to use and undergo cyclic maintenance.

Thanks to the fact that Euro windows are very often made to special order, customers can opt for both individual:

  • dimensions
  • colors
  • shapes of window frames

This allows them to easily match their design to the building’s interiors.

Euro windows-what materials?

Euro windows are manufactured from high-quality wood, so they are distinguished by their natural design. For production, mainly laminated wood or solid wood is used. Euro window systems are also excellently protected by a layer of impregnation or paint, which provides them with protection from adverse weather conditions and minor damage.

Euro windows with an overlay – what are they?

Interestingly, wood windows with an aluminum overlay are also quite popular. These profiles therefore combine the advantages of natural wood with the durability of aluminum. This modern design makes it possible to significantly increase the strength of a given product. Aluminum cladding also adds an interesting character and appearance to the facade.

Euro windows – what advantages do they have?

Euro windows have very many advantages. First of all, these profiles have excellent thermal insulation, and they can be installed both in houses close to the city and buildings located in the mountains or near the coast, where there are strong gusts of wind. Thus, these are window systems that will fit perfectly into the model of an energy-efficient home.

Euro windows – do they provide sound insulation?

In addition, these profiles are characterized by watertightness and air permeability of class 3 or 4, where the value 4 means the most airtight window. Sound insulation is also worth mentioning. Depending on the glazing package selected, Euro windows are distinguished by acoustic insulation of 32 to 40 dB.

This means that they are capable of excellent soundproofing of the sound inside the building, as it usually reaches 40dB or so. Interestingly, in a built-up area, noise levels typically do not exceed 60 dB during the day and 50 dB at night. These values show that Euro window systems perform very well in suppressing excess sound.


Euro windows are modern window systems installed primarily in Western Europe and Poland. These are wooden windows made of high-quality raw material, they are characterized by, among other things: excellent acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, waterproofing, as well as designer appearance. When ordering Euro windows, you can tailor them to your needs, thus deciding on a specific size, color or shape.

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