When to clean sliding windows?

Many people say that sliding windows should be cleaned when the weather outside is nice. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. The warming summer sun can dry out the liquid with water on the glass too quickly, which can result in an unevenly polished surface. Thus, the formation of more streaks quite quickly.

Sliding windows should be cleaned in the morning, when cloudless skies prevail and no rain is forecast for that day. It is also worth undertaking this activity especially in spring and around autumn, when you can get the best results from polishing the glass.

What needs to be prepared for cleaning sliding windows?

Sliding windows are most often installed in balconies or in tall, office buildings, where sliding them sideways on a track is simply much more convenient. In addition to traditional cleaning products, a few other accessories will also come in handy. Worth preparing:

  • A chair, a ladder – to be able to clean the windows at the top,
  • Two containers – with clean water for rinsing and water with detergent,
  • Microfiber cloths – for polishing,
  • Rubber window squeegee,
  • Paper towels – to wipe away dirt.

What to use to clean sliding windows?

The most sensible way is to use water and a liquid designed for cleaning windows. You can also pour a little dishwashing liquid into the prepared cleaning solution, this will get rid of greasy stains on the glass. Some also add spirit vinegar to the bowl.

There are many means available on the market to thoroughly clean the surface of the glass. So it is worth testing and choosing the best solution for you. It is also important to remember that if the sliding windows are located next to a busy street, it will certainly be necessary to use a stronger detergent that can handle tough dirt.

How to clean sliding windows to keep them clean and streak-free longer?

Many people wonder if the window cleaning technique really affects the shiny appearance of the windows. On the one hand, yes, because it is a good idea to polish the surface well with a microfiber cloth that does not leave streaks. However, the secret to shiny windows lies in glycerin!

Just a few drops added to the liquid with water is enough to make the surface beautiful and shiny. This ingredient is a mildly oily substance that forms an invisible coating on the glass to repel water particles and dirt. With this trick, the windows will remain streak-free much longer.

How to clean sliding windows with homemade methods

Anyone who would like to bet on cleaning their sliding windows with homemade methods can create their own detergent! Just prepare a bowl of warm water, add a little spirit vinegar and a little glycerin.

How to do it? You need to pour two cups of water into a bowl, a cup of vinegar and half a teaspoon of glycerin, which can be purchased, for example, at a drugstore. The solution should be mixed well. The proportions are adjusted, of course, according to the number of windows in the house, such as doubling or tripling.


Washing and cleaning sliding windows is really easy. All you need to do is prepare some accessories and detergents. You can also create cleansers by home means. The fact that these windows open by sliding to one side makes the task easier, on the other hand, you have to be a bit careful when cleaning them on the outside.

If these are glazing located on high floors, it is more prudent to call in a company that provides high-rise work services.

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